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Audi S3 Is Fast And Pleasant

This car is sometimes referred to as the sister of the Volkswagen Golf R. coming as a hatchback just like the VW and both producing 261bhp and offering a four wheel drive, it is no wonder. However the S3 is better as it is also available as a three door and a sportier hatchback. Audi is a swift and pleasant car to drive and comes with a six speed manual gearbox in addition to S Tronic transmission. The examples with automatic gearbox is claimed to achieve 62mph in just 5.5 seconds which is 2 seconds quicker than the manually functioning car. We believe Audi as the turbocharged engine has great figures and a very powerful drive with excellent reviews from owners.

The CO2 emissions have shown up as better than the manual transmission models rates. All these are reasons why many people may choose the former option. The S3 has been refined very well and is a very civilized car offering a smooth and easy cruise. When comparing its motorway abilities to the Volkswagen Passat then it must be said that the Audi S3 has far excelled. The automatic is so good to use as you would not even realize the gear changes however there is something fun about the manual gearbox that the auto cannot replace. The standard equipment includes LED day time running lights, bigger air intakes at the front and an aluminium look grill.

The rear end boasts four exhaust pipes and spoiler on the top. Inside the cabin, the Audi S3 has a sporty flat bottomed steering wheel, a boost pressure monitor and sports seats. There are various material options for seat covers like part leather, Alcantara and Nappa leather. The ability the S3 has is almost better than other specific sports cars and in some cases it is actually better. It has a sleek and up class look with a feel of control once you get behind the wheel. A car that will turn heads and impress whether you are the driver, passenger or your just simply looking at it. The best part of the car is the price. It is available at a cost that is cheaper than other cars in the class and with no loss at all to the buyer.

This model mixes a fast drive, exciting ride and a brilliant style with a sweet elegance and more than enough class. It has a civilized type of look and not many cars can offer this combination. Actually when it comes to mixing the speed and comfort to find good enough competition it would be necessary to look at some of the top cars such as the Jaguar XK. It may sound strange but the S3 is all talent. With an interior that will keep you comfortable whether you are on a long drive or just a short pick up and an exterior that is very pleasing to the eye, not to mention the brilliant performance you really could not ask for more.

Almost A Quarter Of Motorists Unaware Ban Puts A Stop To Smoking In Work Vehicles – Green Flag Revea

According to research from car breakdown insurance specialist Green Flag reveals that 23% of Brits did not realise motorists who share a work vehicle would no longer be able to light up while on the road when the new law came into effect on 1 July 2007.

Of motorists who share a vehicle with fellow workers or other members of the public, 16% were not aware that they would be banned from smoking in their car or van even if they’re the only one in the vehicle at the time.

Green Flag issued no-smoking stickers to be placed in each recovery vehicle and wrote to its network of thousands of breakdown recovery drivers with details of how the new legislation was to affect them. The no-smoking signs are now prominently displayed in all drivers’ breakdown recovery vehicles to ensure both members and recovery vehicle drivers are aware of the new regulations.

Despite 99% of Brits having been aware of the impending clamp-down, confusion was rife about where the new rules apply. Especially when it came to workplaces and work vehicles as 16% of Brits did not realise the smoking ban would affect smoking in their workplace. Whilst 95% of Brits knew the ban meant an end to smoking in bars and pubs, 14% were not aware smoking would no longer be allowed in restaurants.

The ban may have had an impact among Britain’s large amount of employed drivers, as 33% of motorists who share a work vehicle with other people say they would either quit smoking completely or smoke fewer cigarettes once the ban came into force.

12% of smokers overall said they intended to quit smoking altogether. 57% of those who planned to cut down felt the ban was likely to encourage them to stop smoking in the near future.

For further information about our car breakdown cover please visit Green Flag.

Hire Limo Hire London Services To Reach Your Special Occasion

The Limousine is a luxury car which is always considered a ride of the rich and famous. Even you can enjoy this rich drive by hiring London limo services. If you want a Limo hire London service then you can search for it on the internet as there are various London companies offering limo hire facility.

The limos services London can be hired to attend your various special occasions, such as

* Wedding car: A limo is usually hired by people for their weddings. Since it is a truly magnificent car therefore it adds to the wedding glitz and glamour. A limousine offers enough space for all the brides? maids and the bride herself. Hire a limo on your wedding day to make it even more special and remarkable.

* Prom nights: Nothing seems to beat a limo to pick your date on prom night. Most people hire limos on their prom nights as it is a sign for them to move on to bigger and better things in life.

* Corporate events: Another purpose for which limos are often hired is the corporate events. To put a good impression on your client, you can hire limo to pick and drop him. Your board meeting will be a sure shot success with such a fine beginning.

The limo hire London offers various other services along with the limo which include a licensed chauffeur, open bar, champagne, snacks, DVD player, satellite radio, karaoke player, disco lights, dance floor and a mini kitchen as well.

You can choose from a wide range of limos offered in by limo services London that include:

1. Hummer limo: The hummer limo is the latest addition to the range of limos available for hire in London. It is just perfect for taking to prom nights, clubs and concerts to make a sure-shot style statement.

2. Limo party bus: This limo is the mother of all as it can easily accommodate your entire friend circle. It is truly remarkable and will make heads turn for sure. In this limo, you will get all the other services, such as leather seating, VCR and large spacious dance floors. It can easily accommodate minimum 16 people.

3. Navigator: The navigator limo can accommodate around unbelievable 26 people. It is just ideal hiring for weddings where the whole family can go together.

4. Lincoln: This limo is the classic standard limo which goes perfectly along with any occasion. It even comes with a moon roof to enjoy the occasion even more.

If you are also planning to hire a limo in London, there are a few points which you must look for before maiming the final selection of the service provider:

* It is always recommended to compare the prices offered by the various transportation services. Look out for the additional prices in the beginning

* Check for the drivers experience and driving background.

If you have checked all these aspects, you can then surely go ahead and hire a limo to make your special occasion even more special.

Corvette Body Kits?pimp Your Car

If you are bored with the style and design of your Corvette, then now is the time to restyle or redesign the look of your car.

Body kits are exterior modifications of your vehicle giving you the chance to redesign and enhance the original design of your vehicle. Aside from that, with a Corvette body kit, you will be able to improve the speed and performance of your Corvette through aerodynamics.

With the advent of the car racing culture, more and more people are looking for ways to get their car be noticeable just like the most hottest race car. If you are one of those people who own a Corvette and if you are driven by versatility and style, then a Corvette body kit is for you.

Buying a Corvette body kit is easy. All you have to do is tour the streets of your neighborhood to see whether your local body shops carry a Corvette body kit. If it happens that they do not carry a Corvette kit, then you can always go online, browse and purchase from there. Remember though that online shopping is not at all safe and you can be scammed if you are not careful who you are dealing with. Look for trusted and reliable online stores or online sellers who can give you the best deal. You can find honest and legitimate stores by researching and doing a background check for each and every store you encounter. Verify their testimonials and feedbacks and see if the store or shop is a member of Better Business Bureau. Being a member of BBB somehow guarantees you that the shop can be trusted.

Once you have found an honest shop, browse their wide array of body kits and see which kind of Corvette body kits will fit you. There are basically two types of kit. One is urethane and the other one is fiberglass. You will have to choose which among these types suit you according to the kind of climate and road structure you have in area. Urethane, for instance, is for those people who live in cold places that have bumpy roads.

Once you already have the body kits with you, see if you can install it by yourself. If, after looking at the manual, you think you cannot do it, then it is just better to entrust the installation of the kit to experts in your nearest auto shop while you get excited in seeing how your car will look after it has been redesigned according to your own personal style.