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Alasan Kredit Mobil Bekas Pakai


Membeli sebuah kendaraan terutama mobil terkadang bukan hanya sekedar fungsinya yang digunakan untuk berkendara dan melindungi dari perubahan cuaca yang cukup ekstrim. Namun lebih dari itu. Terkadang orang mencari dan membeli sebuah mobil hanya untuk memenuhi gengsi. Sehingga tidak jarang jika yang dilhat adalah modelnya maka pilihannya akan dijatuhkan kepada kredit mobil bekas agar memiliki sebuah mobil yang bagus namun memiliki harga yang super terjangkau. Setidaknya dengan membeli sebuah mobil bekas secara kredit anda bisa memilih jenis mobil seperti apa yang bisa anda langsung pakai. Jika anda membeli mobil baru maka prosesnya akan berjalan cukup lama sampai pada akhirnya mobil tersebut siap untuk anda gunakan berkendara.

Berikut adalah beberapa alasan kredit mobil bekas yang sering diutarakan orang-orang mengapa lebih memilih untuk membeli mobil bekas secara kredit:

  • Membeli secara kredit sebuah mobil bekas memang jauh lebih ekonomis jika dihitung dari nilai uang saat ini. Salah satunya karena faktor harga yang ditawarkan oleh mobil bekas tersebut untuk dibeli. Setidaknya dengan membeli sebuah mobil bekas maka dari segi harga dan kemampuan bayar dari keuangan anda akan lebih terselamatkan. Sebab dari segi harga memang jauh lebih murah dengan fitur yang lebih canggih. Sehingga jika anda membeli secara kredit bukan tidak mungkin dana yang anda miliki bisa anda gunakan untuk keperluan yang lainnya.
  • Ketika anda mengajukan cicilan atau pinjaman tunai ke sebuah bank untuk melakukan pembelian mobil dengan nominal tertentu, maka yang harus anda pertimbangkan adalah berapakah cicilan yang harus anda bayarkan. Ketika harga mobil yang akan anda beli cukup hemat, maka jumlah dana yang harus anda pinjam ke pihak bank juga tidak akan terlalu banyak. Alhasil jumlah cicilan yang harus anda bayarkan ke bank juga tidak akan banyak seperti ketika anda memutuskan untuk membeli sebuah mobil baru. Setidaknya dengan memilih sebuah mobil bekas maka dana bulanan anda tidak akan terbebani secara signifikan jika dibandingkan dengan anda membeli sebuah mobil baru yang pasti jauh lebih mahal.
  • Kondisi dp yang harus dibayarkan juga lebih ringan. Jika anda melakukan pembelian secara kredit untuk sebuah mobil bekas yang anda akan beli tentu saja anda diharuskan untuk memiliki dp dan membayarkan dp. Berhubung maka dana yang anda butuhkan untuk membayar dp pembelian mobil juga jauh lebih ringan. Akibatnya keuangan anda saat ini juga sama sekali tidak akan terganggu. Baik dari segi keuangan jangka panjang maupun dari segi keuangan jangka pendek. Nilai dp yang harus dibayarkan oleh pembeli biasanya senilai 20 hingga 30% dari harga mobilnya sendiri. Jadi jika dalam hal nominal maka jumlahnya akan lebih sedikit.

Memilih untuk kredit mobil bekas tentunya menjadikan keuangan anda secara keseluruhan tidak terganggu. Apabila anda memiliki perencanaan jangka panjang, maka anda bisa melakukannya. Sebab perencanaan jangka panjang tersebut tidak akan terganggu dengan adanya pembelian kendaraan anda. Minimal anda bisa merencanakan semuanya mulai dari kepemilikan rumah maupun perencanaan yang lainnya  yang tentu saja tidak akan membebani keuangan anda secara keseluruhan. Itulah sebabnya memilih untuk membeli sebuah mobil bekas bisa menjadi pilihan yang cukup bijaksana yang bisa anda lakukan. Bahkan secara keseluruhan perencaanaan keuangan ada tidak akan berantakan jika anda memilih untuk membeli sebuah mobil bekas dan itu anda lakukan secara kredit di sebuah lembaga terpercaya.

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Get The Best Deal – Find The Wholesale Blue Book For Used Cars

To approximate the price the dealer paid for a car at the auction, or when it was traded in you need to find the wholesale blue book for used cars. This is important because as I always stress some dealers are not willing to forgo a penny you are letting go, in other words, if a car is worth 5000, and you are willing to pay 10000 they will take it, and distribute between the salesperson and their bank account.

For what it’s worth, the appraisal books are there to benefit the dealers more than anything else. To prove this point, when the blue book first came out, only dealers had access to it, until they published a version that it used by the public Now remember, the dealership is in business to make money, which is a right they deserve. They took the risk of buying the car, invested to bring it to a new condition, but on the other hand, they should not make more than the average on your deal. Without further to say, lets introduce and briefly describe each of the terms you are to encounter in your journey to find the wholesale blue book for used cars.

Trade in, is the price you are supposed to let your car go at the dealership. Now aim for wholesale, because this is the price dealers pay at the auctions, and it tends to be higher than the trade in value. The last 2 are self explanatory, those are private party, and suggested retail price. Hence, never pay the book value at excellent condition, you should aim somewhere over good, but below excellent.

Audi S3 Is Fast And Pleasant

This car is sometimes referred to as the sister of the Volkswagen Golf R. coming as a hatchback just like the VW and both producing 261bhp and offering a four wheel drive, it is no wonder. However the S3 is better as it is also available as a three door and a sportier hatchback. Audi is a swift and pleasant car to drive and comes with a six speed manual gearbox in addition to S Tronic transmission. The examples with automatic gearbox is claimed to achieve 62mph in just 5.5 seconds which is 2 seconds quicker than the manually functioning car. We believe Audi as the turbocharged engine has great figures and a very powerful drive with excellent reviews from owners.

The CO2 emissions have shown up as better than the manual transmission models rates. All these are reasons why many people may choose the former option. The S3 has been refined very well and is a very civilized car offering a smooth and easy cruise. When comparing its motorway abilities to the Volkswagen Passat then it must be said that the Audi S3 has far excelled. The automatic is so good to use as you would not even realize the gear changes however there is something fun about the manual gearbox that the auto cannot replace. The standard equipment includes LED day time running lights, bigger air intakes at the front and an aluminium look grill.

The rear end boasts four exhaust pipes and spoiler on the top. Inside the cabin, the Audi S3 has a sporty flat bottomed steering wheel, a boost pressure monitor and sports seats. There are various material options for seat covers like part leather, Alcantara and Nappa leather. The ability the S3 has is almost better than other specific sports cars and in some cases it is actually better. It has a sleek and up class look with a feel of control once you get behind the wheel. A car that will turn heads and impress whether you are the driver, passenger or your just simply looking at it. The best part of the car is the price. It is available at a cost that is cheaper than other cars in the class and with no loss at all to the buyer.

This model mixes a fast drive, exciting ride and a brilliant style with a sweet elegance and more than enough class. It has a civilized type of look and not many cars can offer this combination. Actually when it comes to mixing the speed and comfort to find good enough competition it would be necessary to look at some of the top cars such as the Jaguar XK. It may sound strange but the S3 is all talent. With an interior that will keep you comfortable whether you are on a long drive or just a short pick up and an exterior that is very pleasing to the eye, not to mention the brilliant performance you really could not ask for more.

Make Sure You Pay Less For Warranty

There are some products and services that are worth paying extra to get the best. There are others, however, where all that we really want to achieve is to get the best possible deal at the cheapest price available.

Car warranties are one situation where many of us want to keep the prices down. It’s obviously the case that we want to get a comprehensive standard of cover but, beyond the basics, all that we’re really looking for is low prices.

Unfortunately, finding low price deals seems to be more difficult that it should be. We may visit our local car dealership and receive advice on which policy best suits our requirements.

It’s hard not to feel that such advice is less objective than it could be. Is the sales person at the vehicle retailer really finding us the best deal, or are they simply trying to sell a product that will earn them a nice big commission?

An alternative would be to try and do some of the research ourselves. If we did that then we should be able to spot whether a particular policy really does meet our requirements and also offer value for money.

Over the years, the problem with trying to do the research has been that it is incredibly time consuming. Thankfully, there is now a solution that should help you to pay less for your car warranties.

The answer comes from developments that have been seen online. With many independent warranty specialists looking to establish themselves on the internet, you’ll now find that you can quickly compare warranty options online.

This is a great way to identify good deals and to get a feel for the way in which this sector operates.

Take advantage of the changing landscape and use the internet as a tool for comparing prices and then for making your policy purchases.

You’ll find that you can make significant savings and get the satisfaction of knowing that you have obtained a better deal.

Is Daimler Selling Chrysler?

Dieter Zetsche, the DaimlerChrysler chairman, was once called the merger champion. He shocked the auto industry last Wednesday when he declined to rule out selling Chrysler, the Auburn Hills-based unit. On that day, Zetsche announced 13,000 job cuts, including about 5,300 in Michigan. This situation poses a huge question about Chrysler?s future. Is Daimler about to let go of Chrysler?

“Our thinking does not exclude any options. This means all options are on the table,” Zetsche told reporters when asked about the possible selling of Chrysler. German media appeared delighted at the statement.

DaimlerChrysler shares increased by $5.33 or 8.3 percent to a total of $69.78. No further details could be given said Zetsche who spent five years running the Chrysler Group before becoming DaimlerChrysler’s chief last year. In July, during the launch of his ?Dr. Z? ads Zetsche said that the two companies should not have merged in 1998. “The merger is not an issue going forward anymore,” he added.

In 2006, Chrysler reported profits and gaining a larger slice in the American market share. However, the company has to deal with growing inventories and a slump in vehicle demand. Along with the announcement of its restructure plan last Wednesday, the company also posted an operating loss amounting to $1.5 billion for 2006.

The turnaround plan, which was previously called Project X, is expected to alleviate Chrysler?s ailing standing in the industry. It is supposed to allow the company to profit by the year 2008. Daimler?s executives expect for a $4.5-billion improvement by 2009 to an operating profit of $3 billion. The said turnaround plan will cut the company?s workforce by 16 percent including 11,000 hourly jobs and 2,000 salaried jobs. The cut in workforce will significantly affect metro Detroit.

Canada operations of the automaker will be slashing 2,000 jobs. However, special retirement programs and termination or buyout packages will only be offered to selected areas of Chrysler. The across-the-board packages offered by General Motors Corp. and the Ford Motor Co. in their respective restructuring plans will not be offered by Chrysler. ?Hourly workers should learn the details within three or four weeks and salaried workers in the next business quarter,? the company said.

The Warren Truck Plant, the Chrysler plant that produces Dodge Ram pickups, will lose a shift and about 1,000 workers. An assembly plant in Delaware will lose a shift and will be idled in 2009. A Cleveland parts distribution center will be closed this December. In addition, a shift will also be reduced at the St. Louis South Assembly plant. Chrysler said it hopes to reduce production capacity by 400,000.

Even before Wednesday, the tension is building up in Chrysler plants. “Something had to be done, obviously,” said Matt Davidson, 49, of Clinton Township. He works at the Warren Truck facility. “All in all, we knew it had to happen. It wasn’t a surprise.” Carmen Walker, 39, of Sterling Heights, a first-shift floater on the assembly line at Warren Truck, said people cried when they were told. “It’s sad ’cause it’s all they know.” Many automotive workers are on almost on the same plight. Those working on Volvo S60 parts could be on the same footing as those working on Dodge Ram auto parts.

The company also said it wants to reduce material costs by $1.5 billion over three years and explore the sale of support operations. The restructuring plan is expected to cost the company $1.3 billion. Reduced production, on the other hand, is expected to cost about $300 million.

But Ron Harbour of Harbour Consulting said Zetsche’s comments does not necessarily mean Chrysler is for sale. “He has a duty to not only the board but all of the shareholders to make sure that as they make strategic decisions, that they’ve exhausted all options,” he said. “Don’t jump to the conclusion that? Chrysler is going to be sold.”

Almost A Quarter Of Motorists Unaware Ban Puts A Stop To Smoking In Work Vehicles – Green Flag Revea

According to research from car breakdown insurance specialist Green Flag reveals that 23% of Brits did not realise motorists who share a work vehicle would no longer be able to light up while on the road when the new law came into effect on 1 July 2007.

Of motorists who share a vehicle with fellow workers or other members of the public, 16% were not aware that they would be banned from smoking in their car or van even if they’re the only one in the vehicle at the time.

Green Flag issued no-smoking stickers to be placed in each recovery vehicle and wrote to its network of thousands of breakdown recovery drivers with details of how the new legislation was to affect them. The no-smoking signs are now prominently displayed in all drivers’ breakdown recovery vehicles to ensure both members and recovery vehicle drivers are aware of the new regulations.

Despite 99% of Brits having been aware of the impending clamp-down, confusion was rife about where the new rules apply. Especially when it came to workplaces and work vehicles as 16% of Brits did not realise the smoking ban would affect smoking in their workplace. Whilst 95% of Brits knew the ban meant an end to smoking in bars and pubs, 14% were not aware smoking would no longer be allowed in restaurants.

The ban may have had an impact among Britain’s large amount of employed drivers, as 33% of motorists who share a work vehicle with other people say they would either quit smoking completely or smoke fewer cigarettes once the ban came into force.

12% of smokers overall said they intended to quit smoking altogether. 57% of those who planned to cut down felt the ban was likely to encourage them to stop smoking in the near future.

For further information about our car breakdown cover please visit Green Flag.

Auto Repair: What You Can Do For A Smooth & Efficient Driving?

Auto Repair: What You Can Do For a Smooth & Efficient Driving?

Just as we maintain our body, we also need to maintain our vehicles. Supplying food (fuel) is not sufficient. We also need to look after them regularly and check if any part needs any kind of replacement or repair. This results in smooth and efficient driving of the car.

It is rightly said that when there is no compromise, there is no fear. By this, we mean that we have to maintain the dynamicity in accordance with the outside world. The same also holds for machines (car, bikes etc) that drive us. If we don?t look after them, they would do the same and suddenly our fast moving life would come to a standstill.

Troubleshooting the problems of the machine is the key to good auto repair. Proper trouble shooting results in elimination of many potential issues. Replacing or repairing an auto part only to find out that it wasn?t the actual cause is a big waste of money. It is always advised that one should start troubleshooting in a very simple manner focusing on the most common problems in auto repair. It can save a considerable sum that is spent in automotive service given to expert mechanics, especially from Fremont, Hayward and East Bay. Troubleshooting can be broadly categorized into ?Basic? and ?Electric troubleshooting?. They are explained below.

Basic Troubleshooting: The non-electrical parts of the motor come under this category.

Brakes: Although it is not impossible to troubleshoot the brakes, it is still hard to diagnose. It can be the pedal, which is very hard to press, or the low brake pressure that results in many branching problems, troubleshoot can easily figure out what is wrong with them.

Car doesn?t start: it is more of a test of patience than a problem. One is always unhappy when his car engine does not roar off. These are some of the reasons.

Warning Lights: Through eyes we see and through lights we drive. It is very important to keep a good watch on them because at times they can put us in dangerous situations resulting in auto repair.

Electrical Problems

General Electrical problems: It is a very discouraging task for a mechanic to try to troubleshoot an electrical problem. Compared to good old days, today?s cars have complicated circuits and it is very much difficult even to trouble shoot a small head light problem. The time a mechanic used to take to troubleshoot an electrical problem in old days is almost equivalent to half the time they take to find a problem in these days. Such complicated is the machine. There is ignition unit, computers and control unit. It is always advised not to connect the jumper cables with the key on during troubleshooting.

Plug wire Problem: Though spark plug wires are durable, a careful inspection is always recommended to avoid many other problems which are very common in auto repair.

So, don?t be skeptical if you feel that a small repair from your end can fix the car and save you from the bills of your mechanics. At the same time, if you find the trouble to be major, it?s better to opt for expert?s help.

Say Goodbye To The Acura Rsx

When Honda launched the Acura brand in 1986, two models powered the fleet: the Integra and the Legend. Since then many other models have been added to the Acura line up and the Integra was eventually renamed the RSX and the Legend was later given the RL designation. After two decades of service, the Integra/RSX is in its final year of production. Please read on for reasons why the Honda Motor Company will kill off this once popular seller.

Blowing Up Bridges — When Honda created Acura, the company wanted one “bridge model” to be included in the mix to help Honda owners transition to Acura. The thought back then was that the price differential between the two brands would be too much for many one-time Honda owners to swallow. Thus, the Integra was created and priced only slightly higher than the most expensive Honda model, but well below the prevailing price of the Legend. With this pricing plan in place, Honda believed accurately that Integra/RSX owners would eventually opt for a more upscale Acura. Today, however, Honda is now actively separating the two brands with individual research and development departments in play. Furthermore, Acura is being repositioned to better compete against Infiniti and Lexus, two Japanese luxury brands without a bridge model.

Invest Elsewhere — Related to the first point, the RSX was due for a change. The current model is old and the monies to bring about a new model would take away from the company’s bottom line. Acura has mentioned that a coupe version of its popular TL sedan is likely to be introduced to satisfy whatever consumer demand remains for a luxury coupe.

Changing Consumer Tastes — While a sports coupe has its advantages, the market for this type of car is limited and dwindling. Chevrolet gave up the Camaro, Pontiac the Firebird, while the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Ford Mustang manage to hold their own. None of these cars are on the luxury level of the Acura and consumer interest has been steadily dwindling over the past five years.

A New NSX? — Acura’s discontinued NSX, a two seat sports car, is rumored to be coming back. Although sales will likely be limited to less than 10,000 models annually the high priced NSX would be the “halo” model for the Acura fleet. USA Acura dealers want the car and it appears that the Honda Motor Company many oblige.

In its heyday the Integra was a popular seller and a frequently stolen car. Hard to find parts made the Integra a popular target of thieves; expect this problem to worsen as the RSX goes completely out of production. So, if you don’t have an alarm system installed on your Integra/RSX yet, do so today. The Integra/RSX you currently drive may be the last one you own; don’t let thieves make that determination for you!

Hire Limo Hire London Services To Reach Your Special Occasion

The Limousine is a luxury car which is always considered a ride of the rich and famous. Even you can enjoy this rich drive by hiring London limo services. If you want a Limo hire London service then you can search for it on the internet as there are various London companies offering limo hire facility.

The limos services London can be hired to attend your various special occasions, such as

* Wedding car: A limo is usually hired by people for their weddings. Since it is a truly magnificent car therefore it adds to the wedding glitz and glamour. A limousine offers enough space for all the brides? maids and the bride herself. Hire a limo on your wedding day to make it even more special and remarkable.

* Prom nights: Nothing seems to beat a limo to pick your date on prom night. Most people hire limos on their prom nights as it is a sign for them to move on to bigger and better things in life.

* Corporate events: Another purpose for which limos are often hired is the corporate events. To put a good impression on your client, you can hire limo to pick and drop him. Your board meeting will be a sure shot success with such a fine beginning.

The limo hire London offers various other services along with the limo which include a licensed chauffeur, open bar, champagne, snacks, DVD player, satellite radio, karaoke player, disco lights, dance floor and a mini kitchen as well.

You can choose from a wide range of limos offered in by limo services London that include:

1. Hummer limo: The hummer limo is the latest addition to the range of limos available for hire in London. It is just perfect for taking to prom nights, clubs and concerts to make a sure-shot style statement.

2. Limo party bus: This limo is the mother of all as it can easily accommodate your entire friend circle. It is truly remarkable and will make heads turn for sure. In this limo, you will get all the other services, such as leather seating, VCR and large spacious dance floors. It can easily accommodate minimum 16 people.

3. Navigator: The navigator limo can accommodate around unbelievable 26 people. It is just ideal hiring for weddings where the whole family can go together.

4. Lincoln: This limo is the classic standard limo which goes perfectly along with any occasion. It even comes with a moon roof to enjoy the occasion even more.

If you are also planning to hire a limo in London, there are a few points which you must look for before maiming the final selection of the service provider:

* It is always recommended to compare the prices offered by the various transportation services. Look out for the additional prices in the beginning

* Check for the drivers experience and driving background.

If you have checked all these aspects, you can then surely go ahead and hire a limo to make your special occasion even more special.

How To Get The Best Gas Mileage From Your Car By Using Gps

Everybody is asking how to get the best gas mileage from their cars these days; well some of us already have one simple way to achieve this. Many of us have now got a GPS (Global Positioning System) in our cars. This little device which is mounted onto the dashboard helps us to find our way around unfamiliar cities by telling us where and when to make a right or left turn, or by finding the best route to a certain location. But how many of us are using our GPS to get the best gas mileage from our cars?

One way to use our GPS to get gas mileage improvements is to ask it to find the quickest route to out destination. Notice that I said quickest and not shortest route, that?s because the route on a map that looks the shortest may in fact be filled with stop signs and other hold ups that would be wasting precious gas. So it?s much more economical to ask it to find the QUICKEST route.

Another plus of using a GPS is that most of them will let you mark hundreds of your favourite locations, and places that you visit on a regular basis. These location marks (?waypoints? if you want the correct term) will help your GPS to map out the quickest route for your multiple stops, so saving you gas by not having to run around all over the place.

The GPS has come along way since it first came out, and the newer versions are even better. The next generation in GPS utility has begun with Dash, a device that incorporates aspects of social networking. These aspects allow it to tell you much more than just where to make the next turn or where you are at any particular time. It can also tell you where the traffic hold-ups are.

With the use of an internet connection along with a two-way satellite connection it allows the user to send information as well as receive it. This system makes the traffic reports generated by Dash very detailed and up to date minute by minute. This is because while you are driving Dash is constantly transmitting anonymous information on your speed and location. You can also use Dash?s internet connection to access social networking sites, allowing YOU to post information on traffic hold-ups so helping other drivers following or using the same route as you.

So Dash is constantly calculating your route by using maps and real-time traffic information. This highly personalized; detailed and immediately updated information on traffic reports makes it a really effective way to get gas mileage improvements as well as saving you valuable time stuck in traffic.

Another bonus of using Dash is that it can tell you where to get the cheapest gas available on your route by using its internet access to sites like Gasbuddy. So if you are still trying to find out how to get the best gas mileage from your car, the proper use of a good GPS with something like Dash is a great start.